NamHIV committee members

We are a professional organization responsible for establishing good practice and high quality HIV services to people infected and affected by HIV/TB.


To empower health workers to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV.


The HIV Clinicians Society strives towards a dynamic response and therefore is at the cutting edge of HIV treatment, prevention, care and support.



It is our commitment to every patient and individual affected by HIV to encourage them to explore their full potential by accessing the best treatment options whether directly or indirectly related to HIV and to have access to holistic quality of care, including access to psychosocial support.


It is our commitment to every patient and individual affected by HIV to empower them with knowledge of the HIV disease and treatment options and ultimately promote the restoration of human dignity of HIV positive people.


To make the HIV Clinicians Society part of the dialogue that creates a non-discriminatory environment for HIV positive people, and to promote equitable access to HIV treatment, care and support services.


  • To provide a forum for clinicians involved in the management of HIV to exchange knowledge and share experience of managing HIV and AIDS and to build consensus on the management of HIV for the public and private health sectors, using evidence-based criteria.


  • To promote the provision of comprehensive services for the management of HIV by stimulating networking and collaboration among health professionals and other partners involved in service delivery for persons affected by HIV.


  • To promote the advancement of medical science with specific reference to HIV and AIDS including participation in studies that are relevant to achieve the aim and objectives of the Society.


  • To provide technical assistance or consultancy services to members, other health professionals, NGOs, and other interested partners.